Nunn School PhD Students Participate in International Symposium on Science and World Affairs

Nunn School PhD students Tong Zhao and Taylor Smith, participated in the 2014 International Summer Symposium on Science and World Affairs held July 25th-August 1st at Princeton University in New Jersey.

The International Summer Symposium for Science and World Affairs has convened annually since 1989 and seeks to encourage the development of young security analysts, researchers, and policymakers form around the world. To date, the symposium has hosted over 500 scientists and researchers in China, Russia, Germany, the United States, and elsewhere. The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and the Carnegie Corporation jointly sponsor the conference. Participation in the symposium is by nomination and competitive selection.

Zhao presented a portion of his dissertation that examined the role of American and Chinese epistemic communities in fostering common interests among government officials during U.S.-Chinese nuclear engagement. Smith presented research exploring nanotechnology innovation in the Russian Federation and its potential implications for future strategic stability.

Past symposiums led to the establishment of the first independent arms control research center in Russia; the first program on peace research and education in Pakistan; and the first university-based security and arms control studies program in China. Past participants include the Hon. Allison MacFarlane (head of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission), Charles Ferguson (President of The Federation of American Scientists), Frank von Hippel (Princeton physicist), and Nunn School Assistant Professor, Margaret E. Kosal.

 The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs draws on its unique setting at one of the world’s leading technological universities and on the unparalleled integrity and insight of the distinguished senator for which it is named to deliver innovative programs and cutting-edge research that integrate technology and the study of international affairs.

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