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Financial Assistance

The majority of financial assistance for graduate students at Georgia Tech comes from Graduate Assistantships. These assistantships support over 60% of GIT's full-time graduate students. They provide not only a modest stipend, but also lower tuition. Students on fellowships and assistantships must be enrolled full-time.

  • Graduate Research Assistants/Graduate Teaching Assistants

    Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships are usually awarded through students' major departments. GTAs and GRAs may work, however, for other academic units and select research units of Georgia Tech. Most research assistantships are funded by faculty research grants. Students on Graduate Research Assistantships typically participate in the faculty member's research by running experiments, analyzing data, doing library research, writing computer programs, and co-authoring papers. Graduate Teaching Assistants help faculty by grading, running labs, holding tutorials, etc. Specific enrollment and employment criteria must be met in order to receive a GRA/GTA tuition waiver. For more information see the Institute Policy on Graduate Assistantship Appointments and Waivers.

  • Loans

    Some students will find they have to take out loans even if they do receive other funding. U.S. and State Government loans are available to citizens and permanent residents only and require advance planning. In order to assure timely availability of loan funds for the next academic year, graduate students must complete the loan application process by May 1. Contact the Office of Scholarships and financial Aid.

  • Fellowships

    See the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid website.

  • Graduate Cooperative Education

    See the Division of Professional Practice website.

  • Georgia Residency

    Because Georgia Tech is a state school, out-of-state residents must pay higher tuition. To be declared a Georgia resident for fee-payment purposes, you must show that you have lived in the State of Georgia for more than one year and that you came to Georgia with the intent of establishing a domicile here, i.e. for reasons other than attending school. For a complete description of residency issues, please see the Registrar's website.

  • Money for Conference Travel

    The Graduate Student Government Conference Fund Sub-Committee allocates funds to provide secondary financial assistance for graduate students wishing to present papers for research performed at Georgia Tech. These funds are intended to supplement primary funding from the student's department, advisor, or other sources. Applications for and complete information about these awards are available from the Graduate Student Government website.